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Nest Homeware 9 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

Nest Homeware

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9.00 LBS
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The Nest Homeware 9-Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Lid is perfect for cooking eggs, sausage, and pancakes in the morning, or searing burgers, steaks, and salmon for dinner. Of course, you'll use it to make pies, and cornbread too. This 9-inch cast iron skillet is so versatile. Use it for searing, sautéing, pan-frying, baking, braising, broiling, roasting. It can be used on all cooking surfaces and go from the stove into the oven. It is double seasoned with organic flaxseed oil and ready to cook right out of the box. Nest Homeware believes that if something is going to last forever, it shouldn't just work well, it should be beautiful, and they have delivered.

Nest Homeware designs their cast iron cookware to be beautiful, smooth-surfaced, highly functional, and well-balanced. The cooking surfaces have been machined smooth, including up the sidewalls, to provide the best performance and effortless release of the food you cook. In addition, this skillet was designed with ergonomics in mind. The handle on this 9-inch skillet has been called the most comfortable on a cast iron skillet. It was meticulously sculpted to resemble a cherry tree branch and to fit both left and right hands. In addition, it is longer than other cast iron skillet handles, which helps improve balance, and keeps things cooler longer.

The 9-inch lid completes the 9-inch skillet. The self-basting nubs on the underside of the lid send moisture back into the dish you are cooking, keeping it nice and juicy. The top handle is an elegant brass abstraction of a cherry tree branch, adding an ornamental element to the functional cast iron lid. The seasoning will darken over time with use and care.

Nest Homeware is committed to quality and American manufacturing. Their cookware is cast and machined in Pennsylvania, and seasoned by hand in Providence, RI. The double seasoning of organic flaxseed oil gives it a naturally non-stick surface, a lustrous bronzy hue, and a solid protection base against rust.  

The cast iron process is sustainable and green. There is very little waste in the production of cast iron. There are only three essential elements used in the cast iron process: heat, sand, and iron. The sand and iron are recyclable, and the heat from the newest furnaces is generated through induction, which is wonderfully efficient. This means there is less negative environmental impact on the planet.


A good cleaning and seasoning routine will keep your cast iron cookware performing its best. There are just 3 simple steps.

Wash - Gently scrape off any food bits and wipe out any excess oil, then rinse under warm water.  

Dry - After washing, make sure to dry your pan completely with a towel. Don't air dry.  

Oil - Immediately after your pan is dry, and while it is still warm, add a few drops of oil and use a paper towel to coat the entire interior lightly. Work it evenly, wipe off any excess, and let it cool before storing. This thin coat of oil protects your pan from rust and adds to its seasoning.  


  • Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet
  • Double seasoned with organic flaxseed oil
  • Ready to cook out of the box
  • The seasoning will darken over time with use and care
  • Self-basting lid
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cherry tree branches inspired the design of the handles
  • Machined smooth cooking surfaces
  • Naturally non-stick surface
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction
  • Hand wash and dry immediately 
  • Made in the USA

Weights & Dimensions:

  • Skillet 4lbs 14oz
  • Lid 3lbs 2oz
  • Handle 8-inches long
  • Overall length 17-inches
  • Skillet walls 1 5/8-inches tall