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Rolling Pins

Buy rolling pins for baking at Because You Cook to make pie & pizza crusts, cookies, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and so much more! With one of our rolling pins, you can make all these things like a pro! We have a collection of rolling pins for baking that will help you quickly and easily roll out your crusts and dough with control and precision. In addition, we also have a pastry mat with measurements that helps you roll out pie, tart, or pizza crust to the perfect size every time.

 Shop for rolling pins here, and if you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to assist!

  • The Ironwood acacia wood French rolling pin with a white background


    Ironwood French Rolling Pin - Acacia Wood

    This beautiful Ironwood French Rolling Pin is stylish and efficient, and would be a great addition to your kitchen or bakery. French-style rolling pins have a tapered, handle-free design that gives precise and consistent dough control and ultimate...

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  • The Fat Daddio's Fondant Rolling Pin with a white background

    Fat Daddio's

    Fat Daddio's Fondant Rolling Pin

    A Fat Daddio’s Fondant Rolling Pin is the perfect choice. This rolling pin is specially designed to minimize heat transfer, making them ideal for rolling out dough, sugar paste, fondant, and gumpaste. With their smooth, seamless surface, you can be...

    MSRP: $13.64
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  • Tapered Rolling Pin Side View

    Fox Run Brands

    Fox Run Brands Tapered Rolling Pin - Rubberwood

    The Fox Run Brands Tapered Rolling Pin, made of durable natural rubberwood, is an essential tool for any baker. The design, tapering with no handle, allows the user precise control over the dough while still easily maneuvering it. Tapered rolling pins...

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  • The 12 inch nonstick rolling pin with a white background

    Fox Run Brands

    Fox Run Brands Nonstick Rolling Pin - 12 Inch

    The Fox Run Brands Nonstick Rolling Pin is a rolling pin that can handle all your baking needs. This versatile tool is perfect for rolling out all kinds of dough and crusts, from pie dough to pizza dough. With its easy-to-grip wooden handles and...

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