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Fox Run Brands Tapered Rolling Pin - Rubberwood

Fox Run Brands

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The Fox Run Brands Tapered Rolling Pin, made of durable natural rubberwood, is an essential tool for any baker. The design, tapering with no handle, allows the user precise control over the dough while still easily maneuvering it.

Tapered rolling pins make it easier to roll out dough evenly, and provide feedback on the dough's condition through touch. Because of the length of this 20 inch rolling pin, it is faster and easier to roll out pie, pastry, cookie, tart, and pizza dough and is also excellent for rolling out fondants and more. 

Applying pressure outward with your hands makes it easier to roll delicate dough and uses fewer strokes in the process. With this method, you'll need less elbow grease and won't risk tearing delicate pastry dough.   

To clean this French-style rolling pin, wash it with soap and water, and then towel dry it promptly and thoroughly. Periodically apply mineral oil to preserve the wood.


  • Tapered rolling pin
  • Handle free design
  • The 20-inch length makes it faster and easier to roll out dough
  • The best type of rolling pin for delicate dough
  • Hand wash only

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 13oz
  • 20 inches long and 1.75 inches at the widest point