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Ironwood Acacia Wood Meat Tenderizer


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This beautiful Ironwood Acacia Wood Meat Tenderizer is crafted from sustainably harvested acacia wood. Each tenderizer is unique due to the variations in color from light to dark wood and naturally contrasting patterns. It blends function and style with its dual-ended tenderizer and attractive wood handle. Plus, acacia wood has natural antibacterial properties. This tool for tenderizing meat is lightweight and comfortable to hold, so it's easy to use.  

It's also called a meat mallet and is excellent for pounding beef, pork, and chicken to break up tough fibers and tenderize them. Use it as a kitchen mallet to crack open crab, lobster, and shellfish shells, or try crushing nuts, garlic, ice cubes, and much more! You'll find so many uses for this attractive wood meat tenderizer!

To clean, wash with soap and water, and towel dry promptly. Periodically apply food-safe mineral oil to preserve the wood.


  • Acacia wood meat tenderizer
  • Made of responsibly forested acacia hardwood
  • Beautiful and durable
  • Dual-Ended - coarse cut and fine cut
  • Quickly tenderize beef, pork & poultry
  • Easily crack open seafood shells, crush nuts, garlic cloves, ice cubes, and more!
  • Large handle for easy grip

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 8-ounces
  • Head: 3 1/4-inches long and 1 7/8-inches square
  • Handle: 10-inches long
  • Overall length: 11 3/4-inches