FINEX Cast Iron Care Kit - 3-Piece

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Heirloom quality cookware deserves superior maintenance. This FINEX Cast Iron Care Kit has everything you need to preserve your cookware and keep it performing perfectly for generations. FINEX specifically designed this kit to fit their cast iron cookware. The Scrapper's angle and the Scrubber's width fit the FINEX Skillet corners and match the Grill Pan rib spacing. In addition, the eyedropper that dispenses the flaxseed seasoning oil in this kit is drop-free. You'll also find this FINEX cast iron care kit helpful in maintaining cast iron cookware made by other brands, as well as restoring vintage cast iron cookware pieces.

FINEX Cast Iron Care Kit Contains:

  • Oak Wood Scraper - Fits between FINEX Grill Pan ribs. It's multi-angled sides reach and remove food from every corner.
  • Chain Link Scrubber - Durable stainless-steel chain link scrubber with silicone insert safely scrubs away food and grime.
  • Organic Flaxseed Oil - Includes a drip-free eyedropper. Apply flaxseed oil to the cooking surface and wipe clean.


Cleaning your cast iron:

For best results, wash your FINEX cast iron skillet by hand immediately after use. For ease, clean while still warm. To avoid rust, do not soak, leave in the sink or put the cookware in the dishwasher.

To remove stuck-on food, use water, a dab of soap and the chain link scrubber. Stubborn stuck on food? Use the wood scraper to loosen stuck on food. The specialty cut fits the ribs of our Grill Pans and features multi-angled sides to reach and remove food from every corner of your cookware.

Thoroughly dry your FINEX cast iron cookware with low heat on the stove or in the oven to avoid rust. Do not air dry. Remember, if left wet, it will rust.

Using the eyedropper, apply a drop or two of the organic flaxseed oil to your skillet and buff it into the iron with a paper towel or dry dishcloth.