FINEX 18-Inch Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle

FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co.

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Use FINEX's Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle for dinner parties, big backyard barbecues, or whatever the occasion, and make them memorable! Put an impressive and delicious sear on steaks, burgers, chicken, salmon, and so much more. Cook up family-sized portions of pancakes, sausages, hash browns, french toast, and eggs for breakfast with ease. This FINEX cast iron double burner griddle will be your trusted essential cast iron griddle that will be passed down for generations.

Ready to cook right out of the box, each cast iron double burner griddle comes pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil to a non-stick, rust-resistant bronze finish that will patina, darken and continue to improve as you cook. This large cast iron griddle has 22-inches of overall length and easily fits across two stove burners, allowing even heating across the griddle. In addition, it easily spans an oven rack for roasting and baking. 

With FINEX's thickest cast iron base, this large cast iron griddle retains and distributes heat better, delivers stronger searing, and even cooking on any heat source, including induction. Use it on any cooking surface, stovetop, oven, grill, and even over the coals.

Inspired by vintage wood stove handles, wound from 300 series stainless steel rod stock and polished to a high luster, the handles stay cool longer, cool off quicker, and feel fantastic in your hand. 

Each cast iron double burner griddle is CNC machined smooth, and hand polished, making the cooking surface smooth to the touch for near non-stick cooking and easier cleaning. Encircling the edge of the cast iron griddle, the shallow channel averages sixty-thousandths of an inch deep. It's deep enough to catch grease, yet shallow enough to allow edge-to-edge cooking for pizza and bread. The angled sides of this large cast iron griddle offer simple spatula access all the way to the edges of the flat cast iron griddle, ensuring the easy release of food and full use of the cooking surface.

Each FINEX cast iron double burner griddle is polished, tumbled, pre-seasoned, and assembled entirely by hand. Their attention to detail makes the difference. FINEX's craftsmen are obsessive in crafting the finest American-made cast iron cookware crafted to outdo anything you'll put it through. They use tried and true tools to carefully refine the iron to bring out each grill pan's thoughtful design. Paying close attention to every detail, they allow subtle variations that make each piece unique. As a result, each piece has its own personality that fits into your kitchen, grill, or campfire.

For best results, wash your FINEX grill pan by hand immediately after use. For ease, clean while still warm. Do not soak, leave in the sink, or put the cast iron griddle in the dishwasher to avoid rust.

Periodically care for your cast iron double burner griddle with the FINEX Cast Iron Care Kit to preserve your cast iron cookware and keep it performing perfectly for generations.


  • 18-Inch Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle
  • Heavy-Gauge Cast Iron
  • Two Ergonomic "Speed-Cool" Spring Handles
  • Hand Seasoned with Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Ready to cook right out of the box
  • Safe for any heat source, including induction
  • Safe for stovetop, oven, grill, and even in the coals
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • 22L x 12.5W x 2H overall
  • Over 150 square inches of cooking surface
  • Crafted by hand in the USA
  • Guaranteed Good Forever
  • Hand wash