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Fat Daddio's ProSeries 10 Inch Square Cake Pan with Solid Bottom

Fat Daddio's

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The Fat Daddio's Proseries 10 Inch Square Cake Pan with Solid Bottom is a versatile, reliable, and high-quality baking pan! This high quality 10x10 baking pan is perfect for baking tiered and layer cakes, blondies, bar-type cookies, small roasts, casseroles, lasagnas, and much more.

Crafted from seamless anodized aluminum, this square pan features straight sides, square corners, and a 1/2-inch rim for easy handling. It's no wonder that Fat Daddio's bakeware is trusted by professionals worldwide, as the superior material reflects heat instead of absorbing it, meaning it heats up faster, bakes evenly, and cools more quickly than other pans.

Fat Daddio's uses a 'Safe-Seal' anodizing process to produce baking pans that are safer, smoother, stronger, and more versatile. Unlike chemical coatings, anodizing is an eco-friendly finishing process that does not contain any extra metals, dyes, or chemicals. This process creates a durable, non-reactive finish that doesn't react with your recipe's ingredients. Additionally, the anodizing process helps prevent bacteria formation and protects against abrasion, ensuring that the pan won't chip, rust, peel, or flake.

And to top it off, this pan is easy to clean - simply hand wash with warm, soapy water, and it will perform flawlessly for years to come. Invest in the best with the Fat Daddio's Proseries 10 Inch Square Cake Pan with Solid Bottom!


  • 10 inch baking pan with solid bottom
  • 14 guage Anodized Aluminum - The ideal baking surface
  • Seamless
  • Square corners
  • Straight sides
  • 1/2-inch rim for easy handling
  • Temperature-rated up to 550° F (285° C)
  • Reflects heat, so it heats faster and cools quicker
  • Even heating – NO hot spots!
  • No extra metals, dyes, or chemicals to flake or peel off
  • Won't rust
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Freezer Safe
  • Hand wash only

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 1lb 1oz
  • 10L x 10W x 2D-inches