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Fat Daddio's 3 Piece Cookie Baking Set

Fat Daddio's

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Looking for a high-quality baking set that includes a cookie sheet, silicone baking mat, and cooling rack? Look no further than the Fat Daddio's ProSeries 3 Piece Cookie Baking Set. This set includes an anodized aluminum cookie sheet, an FDA-approved silicone mat, and a stainless steel cooling rack - the same tools relied upon by bakeries, commercial kitchens, and baking enthusiasts around the globe for their professional results. With this set, you can be confident that you have everything you need to create perfect baked goods every time.

This aluminum cookie sheet from the bakeware set has a large, true 14 x 17-inch baking surface. It also has a 1.5-inch curved edge for easy handling, so you can easily transfer your cookies from the sheet to a cooling rack. Anodized aluminum is the ideal baking surface. Aluminum reflects heat rather than absorbs it, so that the cookie sheet will reach baking temperatures faster, heat evenly, and cool quicker. Ensuring your cookies stop baking soon after you remove them from the oven, and not overbake. It is also durable and will not warp or rust, and is safe to use in the oven or freezer. Hand wash with warm soapy water.

The reusable baking mat, made from FDA-approved silicone, has a micro-fiberglass weave that can be used hundreds of times without wearing out. The silicone baking mat is easy to clean. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water, shake off excess water, and either hang, lay flat to dry or dry with a soft towel.  

The solid stainless steel cooling rack, which features a cross-wire design with 6 supporting feet, is perfect for cooling, baking, and roasting. The versatile surface is excellent for cookies, pastries, loaves of bread, meats, vegetables, and so much more! Dishwasher safe.        


  • 3-Piece Cookie Baking Set
  • Temperature-rated up to 550° F
  • Freezer safe
  • Anodized aluminum cookie sheet
    • 14 x 17-inches
    • No extra metals, chemical additives, or dyes
    • Will never rust, peel, or flake
    • Easy release
    • 1lb 14oz
    • Hand wash
  • FDA-approved silicone mat
    • reusable baking mat 
    • 14 x 17-inches 
    • 5oz
    • Hand wash
  • Stainless steel cooling rack
    • cross-wire design
    • 6 supporting feet 
    • 14 x 17-inches
    • 1lb 14oz
    • Dishwasher safe