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Trudeau Ice Sphere Maker


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Introducing the Trudeau Ice Sphere Maker - the perfect tool to elevate your beverages! With this large sphere ice mold, you can create four 2-inch spheres of ice that will chill your favorite spirits and cocktails quickly without diluting them. Plus, they look absolutely stunning in your glass!

Using the ice ball maker is a breeze. Simply press down on each sphere before filling to ensure a tight seal, pour water into the easy-fill lid, and place it in your freezer. Once frozen, remove the top of the spherical ice tray and a simple push of the flexible bottom releases the ice sphere. Drop it into your drink and enjoy the perfect sip every time.


  • Large sphere ice mold
  • 2-inch diameter
  • Chills quickly
  • Won't water down your favorite beverage
  • Easy-fill lid
  • Flexible bottom for simple release
  • Dishwasher safe