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Tovolo Flex-Core Spatula Set - Cayenne


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1.20 LBS
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Add these Tovolo Flex-Core Spatulas to your kitchen and have all the essential tools for mixing, scraping, stirring, spreading, folding, flipping, and scooping. The ergonomic handles of each spatula provide a comfortable grip while cooking and baking.

The five spatulas in the Tovolo Flex-Core Spatula Set are constructed with high-heat-resistant silicone and a nylon core that offers strength and rigidity. They are safe to use with non-stick cookware. The set includes a spatula, spoonula, jar scraper, mini spatula, and mini spoonula.

The spatula has a flexible and tapered edge that makes it perfect for scraping every last bit out of the bowl. The spoonula's offset head and shallow bowl make it ideal for scooping. The jar scraper's long and narrow head allows it to reach into jars, and its built-in shoulder can scrape out every last bit.

Lastly, the mini spatula and spoonula are ideal for small tasks around the kitchen. Overall, this kitchen spatula set is a must-have for all your cooking needs.


  • Silicone spatula set of 5
  • All silicone construction with a nylon core
  • Safe for use with non-stick cookware
  • Set includes all the essential tools needed for mixing, scraping, stirring, spreading, folding, flipping, and scooping
    • Spatula
    • Spoonula
    • Jar scraper
    • Mini spatula
    • Mini Spoonula
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • High-heat resistant silicone
  • Dishwasher safe