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Spicewalla Taco Collection - 3 Pack


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Whether you are craving chicken, beef, or fish tacos, the Spicewalla Taco Collection has the street taco seasoning mix you need for a tasty taco night any night of the week. So grab these Spicewalla taco seasonings and warm up your tortillas. It's time for tacos!

Buy this taco seasoning gift set for yourself, or give it as a thoughtful gift. The Spicewalla Taco Collection would be an excellent hostess gift, a wonderful housewarming present, or a great stocking stuffer for the taco lovers in your life.


Carne Asada

With earthy, citrusy, and slightly spicy flavors, this Carne Asada blend brings a kick of jalapeno, cumin, and lime juice to marinades and sauces, perfect for steak tacos or sizzling fajitas! 

Carne Asada Ingredients: Garlic, Cumin, Orange Juice Powder, Lime Juice Powder, Cilantro, Salt, White Vinegar Powder, Black Pepper, Minced Jalapeno, Jalapeno Powder, Citric Acid


Al Pastor

The Spicewalla Al Pastor blend is made with Ancho and Guajillo chili powder. This blend has a slow, smoky burn with hints of sweet pineapple & tangy citrus. Use it to make an adobo sauce for marinating thinly sliced pork, or add complexity to ground beef tacos! 

Al Pastor Ingredients: Ancho Chile Powder, Cumin, Guajillo Chile Powder, Black Pepper, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Orange Juice Powder, Onion, Salt, Pineapple Juice Powder, Mexican Oregano, Cinnamon


Pescado Verde

The Spicewalla Pescado Verde spice blend mirrors the flavors of fresh salsa verde. It is garlicky, citrusy, herbaceous, and carries a little kick of heat. Mix with a neutral oil and spoon over grilled or roasted mahi-mahi, grouper, or even salmon, for a perfectly seasoned fish. Excellent on chicken too.

Pescado Verde Ingredients: Garlic, Lime Juice Powder, Orange Juice Powder, Black Pepper, Mexican Oregano, Cilantro, Onion, Salt, Serrano Chile Powder, Parsley, Citric Acid


Small Tins - 3 Pack