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Norpro 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set


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1.85 LBS
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The Norpro 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set has a sleek and modern design, perfect for any kitchen. Each utensil features a head made of black food-grade silicone approved by the FDA, ensuring both safety and durability. The handles are made of brushed stainless steel, which means they will last you for years to come. From stirring and serving to flipping and portioning, these versatile utensils will be your go-to when cooking. You'll receive a set of solid and slotted spoons, a ladle, a pasta server, a slotted turner, and locking tongs - everything you need to create your next culinary masterpiece!

The spoons in this kitchen utensil set are not just for stirring. They are versatile tools that can handle a variety of tasks, from stirring soups, stew, chilis, and sauces, to mixing and folding ingredients when cooking and baking. The slotted spoon is a handy tool for scooping out food and leaving liquids behind in the pot or bowl, giving you control over your cooking.

The pasta server is exactly what you need to scoop, portion and serve angel hair, linguini, fettuccine, spaghetti and other types of pasta.

Use the turner for flipping burgers, pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies, and more. 

The ladle is excellent for serving and pouring soups, stews, sauces, chilis, and more. It is also ideal for canning. Fill your canning jars quickly, safely, and with less mess.

Use the locking tongs indoors and out to lift and turn food while cooking and serving. A quick pull of the locking tab keeps them closed for easy, compact storage.

The utensils are not only heat resistant to 482°F/250°C, but they are also safe to use with non-stick cookware, ensuring that your pots and pans stay in great condition. This feature makes them a reliable choice for all your cooking needs, providing peace of mind in the kitchen.


  • 6 piece kitchen utensil set
  • Stainless steel and silicone
  • Hang hole for easy storage
  • Heat resistant to 482°F/250°C
  • Safe to use with non-stick cookware
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Slotted Spoon: 13.5L x 2.5W x 2.375H-inches
  • Solid Spoon: 13.75L x 2.375W x 2H-inches
  • Ladle: 12.75L x 3.375W x 3.75H-inches
  • Pasta Server: 12.75L x 3W x 2.25H-inches
  • Turner: 14L x 3W x 2H-inches
  • Locking Tongs: 13.5-inch overall length