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Mastrad V-Blade Mandoline - Black

Mastrad Paris

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Mastrad's V-Blade Mandoline Slicer is easy-to-use and helps you consistently prepare expert chef and restaurant-style slices and cuts. Slice, chop, julienne, or grate all types of fruits, vegetables, chocolate, cheeses, and more!  

The v-blade mandoline slicer comes with 6 blades and is fully-adjustable.  It can slice thicknesses between 3-mm/0.11-in and 9-mm/3.54-in. Set it up to be used either upright on its non-slip stand or folded above a mixing bowl.

This v-blade mandoline slicer set includes:

  • V-shaped slicing blade
  • Fine blade for grating hard cheeses, chocolate, and nuts
  • Waffle-cut blade
  • Coarse grating blade for vegetables and soft cheeses
  • 2 julienne blades stored beneath the mandoline
  • Safety guard/food pusher

All the blades are made of stainless steel, and the v-blade mandoline slicer has a non-slip base. Dishwasher safe.

For extra precaution, use with Mastrad's Pro Cut Resistant Glove.