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HIC Harold Import Company Stainless Steel Food Mill

HIC Harold Import Company

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The HIC Harold Import Company Stainless Steel Food Mill is a versatile and handy tool in your kitchen. No other kitchen tool can mash and strain food as cleanly and consistently, all simultaneously. It processes foods and removes seeds, skins, and additional fibrous bits for a smoother and creamier texture with even consistency.

This manual food mill is part strainer and part masher, and has three parts. A large crank handle for comfortable use, a stainless steel disk (4 are included), and a basket. Simply insert the disc required to achieve your desired texture, and sit the mill on a bowl. Next, place blanched food into the mill basket, and turn the crank handle to force food through the disc directly into a bowl.

Use this stainless steel food mill to crank out fresh pasta sauce, tomato or squash soups, barbecue sauce, hummus or bean dip, mashed potatoes, pea, or parsnip puree. Homemade baby food can be made by cooking fruits or vegetables, and use the mill to make a puree that can be frozen or canned. Make spaetzle by combining flour, eggs, milk, butter, and spices, then run the dough through your food mill fitted with the disc with the largest holes. It quickly and easily removes skins and seeds for smooth fruit dessert fillings, sauces, jams, and jellies. Do you want just the juice from pomegranate seeds? Just throw them in the mill and give it a few cranks to release the juice and keep the seeds in the basket.  You'll find so many uses for this manual food mill!

Mashing and straining food is not the only use for this stainless steel food mill. First, remove the crank handle of your food mill, fit it with one of the included discs, and use it as you would a colander. Then, rinse and drain pasta, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and more!

Made from stainless steel, this food mill is sturdy and durable. It will never rust or transfer flavors or odors between uses. This set includes four perforated discs, from coarse to extra-fine textures and instructions. It is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


  • The only kitchen tool that can mash and strain food as cleanly and consistently, all at the same time.
  • 4 perforated discs, extra-fine to coarse
  • Stainless Steel Food Mill
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Won't rust
  • Won't transfer odors between uses
  • Can be used as a colander
  • Disassembles and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Complete assembly and use instructions included

How to Assemble a Food Mill:

  1. Place one of the discs, rounded side up, into the center of the mill body.
    1. The extra-fine disc is for tomato sauce or pureed foods.
    2. The fine disc is for creamy sauces, baby food or jelly.
    3. The medium disc is for thick soups and applesauce.
    4. The coarse disc is for mashed potatoes and chunky soups.
  2. Place the blade mechanism into the mill body with the stem of the center rod through the hole in the disc.
  3. Press down one side of the locking cross bar and hook it onto the small hook inside the mill.
  4. Press down the other end of the locking cross bar and hook it onto the opposite side.
  5. Now, you can process food by turning the handle clockwise.