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Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Knife Sharpening System

Hammer Stahl

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Maintain a sharp and beautiful edge on your knife with the Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Knife Sharpening System. The honing steel is perfect for daily realignment, while the whetstone provides occasional re-sharpening. This set includes a double-sided 1000/6000 grit whetstone, a 9-inch honing steel, and a bamboo stand that ensures the proper angle for your knife's edge. Simply keep your blade parallel to the work surface, and the stand will do the rest. Keep your knives in top condition with this easy-to-use sharpening system.

Before using your whetstone, make sure to apply enough water to lubricate it properly.


  • 3 piece knife sharpening set
  • Double-sided 1000/6000 grit whetstone
  • 9-inch honing steel
  • Bamboo stand