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Fat Daddio's Bench Scraper and Dough Cutter

Fat Daddio's

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The Fat Daddio's Bench Scraper and Dough Cutter is a kitchen tool that is versatile, durable, and can make cooking and baking a breeze. This multi-purpose tool will become your go-to in the kitchen. It can help you scrape, cut, and turn sections of dough and fondant. You can also use it to mince, scoop, and easily transfer prepped foods. Achieve perfectly smooth icing and sharp edges by using it as an icing blade. Whether you're working with icing, fondant, dough or using it to keep your workspace clean, this tool is perfect for any home or commercial kitchen. Built to withstand daily use, the Fat Daddio's bench scrapper and dough cutter is ideal for bakers and chefs at every level. With so many uses for this versatile kitchen tool, you won't know how you ever cooked without it.


  • 18 guage stainless steel blade
  • APC plastic handle
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Inch measurements on the front
  • Centimeter measurements on the back
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4.5 x 6 inch blade