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HIC Harold Import Company Bamboo Skewers - 10 Inch

HIC Harold Import Company

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These 10-Inch Bamboo Skewers are made from 100-percent all-natural and sustainable bamboo. These wooden skewers are food safe, oven safe, and even grill safe after soaking in water for 30 minutes. Use them to make kabobs, grilled chicken, salmon, or steak. It is also great for testing cakes for doneness, pitting cherries, creating an edible fruit bouquet, and so much more!

Bamboo is technically a grass, but it's just as strong and durable as steel. Bamboo regenerates through a vast root system without replanting, and boasts a record-breaking growth rate that surpasses any other known plant. For these reasons, bamboo is considered one of the world's most significant renewable resources. Because of this, it is used over traditional materials for the design of eco-friendly products for more sustainable living.

These 10 inch bamboo skewers securely grip food. They won't transfer heat to hands or scratch surfaces. These 10 inch skewers are disposable for easy cleanup. You'll find so many uses for these long bamboo skewers!


  • Bamboo
  • 10-inch skewers
  • 100 pack
  • Disposable for easy cleanup
  • Eco-friendly
  • So many uses