Danica Heirloom Kaleidoscope Terracotta Tagine Pot

Danica Heirloom

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Use the Danica Heirloom Kaleidoscope Terracotta Tagine Pot to slowly cook delicious dishes at a low temperature in your oven. This tagine cooking pot is a two-piece classical Moroccan-style cooking vessel made from clay that is safe to cook and serve in. This tagine pot will impress your family and friends—it looks lavish on your table. Each piece is unique, and its slight imperfections add to its beauty.  

This Moroccan cooking pot is both glazed and unglazed, with all cooking surfaces glazed. As your dish cooks, the conical lid will return condensation to the bottom of the tagine pot, allowing the meat, herbs, spices, and sauce to slow braise and build flavor without losing any moisture to the air. 

Because it's so unique, you might think the tagine pot's uses are limited. However, a tagine pot is a versatile tool for any home cook, not just for classic Moroccan dishes. The steamy braising condition of a tagine pot is well suited for cooking tougher cuts of meat, making them more tender and building lots of flavor.


  • Moroccan cooking pot
  • Oven safe up to 390º F
  • Safe for stovetop when used with a diffuser
  • High fired terracotta
  • Lead and cadmium-free glaze
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe

Weights & Dimensions:

  • 3lbs 5oz
  • 9L x 9W X 6.5H-inches
  • Capacity: 26oz